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Different from PE blowing film and PE Casting film
Different from PE blowing film and PE Casting film

PE blowing film is a plastic processing method, which refers to a plastic processing process of heating and melting plastic particles and then blowing them into a film. Usually, the polymer is extruded to form a tubular film blank. In a better melt flow state, the pipe film is blown to the required thickness through high-pressure air, and then becomes a film after cooling and shaping.

Cast film is a non tensile and non directional flat extruded film produced by melt salivation quenching. There are two ways of single-layer salivation and multi-layer coextrusion salivation. Compared with film blowing, it is characterized by fast production speed, high output, and excellent transparency, gloss and thickness uniformity of the film.

Different from PE blowing film and PE Casting film

In terms of investment cost, blow molding method has less one-time investment, small plant area, cheap equipment, small investment and quick effect (short equipment processing cycle, short installation and commissioning period, few auxiliary equipment and facilities and low requirements); The one-time investment in equipment, plant and facilities of casting method is very large, which is 5 to 10 times that of blow molding method. However, the blow molding method is limited by process conditions, resulting in poor product quality, small output and high unit production cost. Although it has been continuously improved and improved, it is still difficult to replace the tape casting method.

To sum up, cast film is gradually applied to the high-grade packaging of various articles with its high-quality product characteristics, while blow molding can only meet the packaging of ordinary medium and low-grade products due to its inherent defects.

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