Jun.2023 21
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NAIGU Team Training
NAIGU will put effort into employee quality training in the enterprise.
To better stimulate employees' work enthusiasm, establish a sense of positive communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation, and win in the team among employees, enhance their sense of responsibility and belonging, and showcase the charm of durable technology. In early June, all employees of Naigu Technology participated in a three-day and two-night expansion team building activity.

After three days and two nights of training, witnessed by our leaders and mentors, we have graduated, and their smiles are so dazzling under the sun. This training camp is not only a grand event for the company's cultural and sports activities, but also a grand event to enhance friendship, unity and harmony. It records a spirit, inherits a driving force, and this is the core strength of culture. This spirit of self-improvement, tenacious struggle, and pioneering spirit will further motivate Naigu Technology employees to continuously create new goals, new achievements, and new achievements. We must promote the spirit of unity, confidence, perseverance, and never give up in our future work, and strive hard to achieve better results!

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