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How to produce a mattress packing bag?
How to produce a mattress packing bag?

How to made a mattress packing bag?

In today's era of enjoyment, almost every family has mattresses to relieve the fatigue of a day's work. Therefore, under such a background, our mattresses become more and more high-end, and all kinds of high-tech and comfortable fabrics are used on mattresses. This makes a mattress very valuable. In the process of mattress transportation, in order to protect the cleanliness and integrity of the mattress, the outer packaging of the mattress is particularly important. Next, let's talk about products such as mattress outer packaging film.
How is a mattress bag produced? Today, we will take the mattress bag made of PE as an example to popularize knowledge:

The first step is to produce the base material required for mattress packaging bag: PE roll film. There are four winding forms of PE film: PE sheet, PE sheet, PE barrel and PE organ film.


The second step is to cut the PE film into pieces according to the specifications.


The third step is to seal the film on three sides to make a bag. If it is a single open film, only two sides need to be sealed. If it is a barrel or organ barrel, only one side needs to be sealed.



Now a complete mattress bag is completed. Different film formulations have different tensile force and strength, which can be used for mattress outer packaging, compression packaging and roll packaging!
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